Riverdene Healthcare sells and markets the GE Healthcare Pharmaceutical contrast media brands: Omnipaque™, Omniscan™ and Visipaque™. We also supply Injector pumps and associated consumables for the administering of contrast media.
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Riverdene Healthcare was founded in 2014, based on a need to expand the GE Healthcare Pharmaceutical Diagnostics portfolio of products in the SADC region. Riverdene Healthcare was chosen by GE Healthcare as a Sales and Marketing agency for these diagnostic contrast media products. Riverdene has expanded into the supply of Injector pumps, syringes and lines for contrast administration.
What is Contrast Media?
GE Healthcare – Evolution Of Contrast Media
Radiographic contrast is the degree of density difference between two areas on a radiograph. Contrast makes it easier to distinguish features of interest, such as defects, from the surrounding area. Contrast materials, also called contrast agents or contrast media, are used to improve pictures of the inside of the body produced by x-rays, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, and ultrasound. They are used to assist the radiologist to distinguish normal from abnormal conditions. When introduced into the body prior to an imaging exam, contrast materials make certain structures or tissues in the body appear different on the images than they would if no contrast material had been administered.
Contrast Media Products
Riverdene Healthcare offers a versatile range of GE contrast media products indicated for use across imaging procedures.

OMNIPAQUE ™ (iohexol) injection is a nonionic, x-ray or radiographic contrast medium for intrathecal, intravascular, oral, rectal and body cavity use.

VISIPAQUE ™ (iodixanol) injection is a dimeric, iso-osmolar, non-ionic, water-soluble, radiographic contrast medium for intravascular use.

OMNISCAN ™ (gadodiamide) is a gadolinium-based intravenous injectable for MRI. It is a nonionic and extracellular enhancing agent for MR imaging.

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