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RIVERDENE Healthcare

Riverdene Healthcare was founded in 2014, based on a need to expand the GE Healthcare Pharmaceutical Diagnostics portfolio of products in the SADC region. Riverdene Healthcare was chosen by GE Healthcare as a Sales and Marketing agency for these diagnostic contrast media products. Riverdene has expanded into the supply of Injector pumps, syringes and lines for contrast administration.

Why choosE us

Riverdene Healthcare personnel support doctors and allied professionals throughout South Africa and the SADC countries, that have a need for diagnostic imaging contrast media. Our role is to ensure that the customer experience is carefully managed from order execution to end-user administration and all the steps in between ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the process.


Our audience is the entire healthcare team in the diagnostic imaging field. This includes but is not exclusive to: Radiologists, Cardiologists, Vascular Surgeons, Radiographers, Clinical Technologists and nursing personnel.


Riverdene Healthcare’s staff collectively have over 40 years of experience in the field of contrast media and are recognised in the South African industry as one of the leaders in this field.


The GE Healthcare Pharmaceutical products marketed by Riverdene Healthcare are governed by Single Exit Pricing (SEP) and can be obtained on request. Injector pumps and consumable prices are available on request.


Employees are geographically placed to ensure optimal coverage of Southern Africa. There are 7 dedicated sales personnel with professional skills in Radiology, Genetics and Engineering.

Riverdene Healthcare’s strategic aim is to be an indispensable partner to our clients. We offer a basket of products which complement each other and enhance our market position, while improving the patient experience in the diagnostic imaging space.
The vision of Riverdene Healthcare is to become the leading supplier of contrast media products in the Southern Africa, whilst improving the customer experience from Healthcare Professional to patient.
Riverdene Healthcare’s core values are to deliver a unique customer experience and ensure that this is done in a compliant manner and with the utmost integrity.
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